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Alongside the therapeutic space, I want to expose you to the possibilities of self-practice. There are exercises that can bring your process to go beyond the walls of the clinic. I recommend that many of my patients use the various guides I have compiled to strengthen the process they go through, for example: meditations, closets, awareness enrichment, body-mind exercises and more.

Recommendations for beginners:

Experiment with a number of exercises and check what is suitable and what is more suitable, why you connect.

Once you have experienced a number of exercises, you will choose the preferred exercise and practice it several times a week.

Read the instructions and follow them so that the practice will give you the most.

Another option to choose is according to a specific topic that you want to focus on, feel free to contact me through 'Contact Us' and consult with me in adapting a practice to a topic that concerns and interests you.

Enjoy, experience and evolve.


Excluded Ganesh

Spiritual effects: The mudra works and opens the fourth chakra
Mental influence:gives courage and confidence, and helps to develop people.
Physical effect: It stimulates the activity of the heartand strengthens the heart muscles, in addition it opens the bronchial tubes.

Practice Instructions: Place
the left hand in front of the chest with the back of the palm facing the chest
and the fingers folded in an open fist shape.
The right hand is in front of the left hand with the palms facing each other,
and the fingers folded into a fist shape inside the other.

Make sure the hands are placed in the chest area in front of the heart
while inhaling and pull the palms against each other
to raise the tension in the arms and chest without letting go of the grip of the fingers from each other.
Exhale to release the tension created in the arms and chest.
Repeat this 6 times.

After mechanization, place the palms calmly on the sternum (center of the chest)
and maintain the position of the udder.
One should stay in this position 1-5 d and at the same time bring attention to the feeling that arises in the
chest and just let it be.

After mechanization, replace the position of the palms – that is, the right palm facing outwards, and the left hand facing the chest.
Repeat the practice in this position – 6 inhalations with stretching, and relaxation with exhalation.
Finally, place the palms calmly on the chest for a few minutes and bring attention to what is coming up.

It is recommended to practice this mudra once a day for a period and then as needed..

Oshas Mudra

Spiritual influence: The
mudra works and opens the second chakra, it concentrates on the sexual energy and directs it to the energy above it.

Mental Influence:
Gives mental arousal, pleasure and new impulses. In addition, it creates harmony in the hormonal system.
Physical effect: The
mudra helps to wake up in the morning.

Practice instructions:

Combine the fingers so that the right thumb is above the left thumb. The right thumb presses a drop on the left thumb. Important: Women should place the right thumb between the left thumb and the finger and press using the left thumb.

While still lying in bed, place your crossed fingers behind your head. Breathe a few deep and vigorous breaths; Open your eyes and mouth wide; Press your elbows onto the pillow. When exhaling, release any tension.

Repeat this 6 times.

If you still do not feel alert and fresh, rub your ankles against each other and also your palms, as if you are trying to light a fire. Finally, you can also stretch your arms back.

This should be done every day for 5 to 15 minutes. Stay in position until the desired effect occurs..

Foshan Mudra

Spiritual influence: The
mudra symbolizes in one hand the reception and in the other the giving.

Mental effect:
Affects the inner energy. Every organ, general mood and train of thought will be favorably affected by the performance of this mudra.
Physical effect:
Moderra helps digestion and utilization of food. It intensifies respiration and hence the absorption of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide in health. Has a calming effect on the solar plexus, regulates the energies in the autonomic nervous system, releases energies that require release and cleanses from toxins. Mudra has an excellent effect on nausea, seasickness, gastrointestinal gas and the feeling of fullness felt after a meal.

Practice Instructions:
Version 1:

Right hand: The ends of the thumb, finger and forearm are on top of each other. The rest of the fingers are straight.

Left hand: The ends of the thumb, forearm and ring finger are on top of each other. The rest of the fingers are straight.

Version 2:

Right hand: The ends of the thumb, forearm and little finger are on top of each other. The rest of the fingers are straight.

Left hand: The ends of the thumb, forearm and ring finger are on top of each other. The rest of the fingers are straight.

In version 2, the connection of the energies of the thumb, forearm and little finger triggers the process of digestion and release.

This mudra can be used to raise general energy. It stimulates brain function, a fact that has been scientifically proven. The position of the finger in the right hand activates energy in the pelvic floor while the position of the finger in the left hand raises the energy upwards.

Both sections can be used as an immediate aid or practiced 4 times a day for 5 minutes in case of chronic problems..