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Imagine taking a meaningful step towards nurturing your body, a step that rewrites your wellness story. In times like these, our bodies often signal the need for positive changes – whether it’s shedding excess weight, boosting our immune system, or rejuvenating our liver from the impacts of medications and vaccines.
Now is an ideal moment to explore the profound influence of nutrition on our well-being. It’s about reclaiming control, understanding the power of what we eat, and embracing a rice-based cleansing diet. This isn’t just a diet; it’s a pathway to holistic health.
Our cleansing protocol, grounded in thorough research, has shown promising results in addressing atherosclerosis(thickening or hardening of the arteries). But the benefits extend far beyond. Many of our program participanch who have embraced this journey report significant enhancements in liver function and overall vitality. They talk about clearer skin, a surge in energy levels, and even improvements in mental clarity and productivity.

 Benefits of Our Program

Our cleansing journey includes daily guidance WITH OUR  naturopathIC DOCTOR, YOU WILL seamlessly integrate into your routine. Enjoy a variety of simple, quick-to-prepare foods and recipes.

Personalized Growth and Development

Join a program that’s more than just a health regimen; it’s a transformative journey. As an experienced naturopath, I am dedicated to creating a supportive environment that fosters personal growth and development. This initiative is not just about physical well-being; it’s a movement towards a new, holistic health consciousness. Every participant receives personalized guidance, knowledge, and a specially curated menu, all designed to align perfectly with your individual health goals and needs. Embrace this opportunity to be part of a community that prioritizes your unique path to wellness.

Two Decades of Transformative Healing

Over the past 20 years, we’v harnessed the power of long-term detoxification, continuously refreshing our menu to keep it dynamic and effective. This journey has led to remarkable healing stories, from autoimmune disorders to revitalized thyroid glands or from psoriasis and hypertension to heart diseases. Remarkably, women who struggled for years with fertility, including those undergoing IVF, found spontaneous success post-cleansing. We’ve seen remission in Crohn’s disease cases and a reduction in dependency on various medications.

“Embrace a commitment to your body, providing it with the natural foundation it needs to heal, and in return, experience the remarkable rewards it offers. With the exceptional tools and support you’ll receive in this journey, you’ll find that your dedication to wellness is met with equally wonderful results”.
Karin Or

Discover the Rewards of Cleansing

Effortless Weight Loss: Shed pounds naturally without restricting quantities or fighting hunger.
Radiant Skin: Detoxify your liver and nourish your body to bring back your skin’s natural glow.
Naturopathic Guidance: Gain valuable naturopathic insights delivered to you daily.
Holistic Personal Growth: Experience development not just physically, but also mentally and cognitively.
Balanced Health Markers: See improvements in key health indicators like cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
Healthy Lifestyle Patterns: Cultivate a healthier way of living through daily mindful practices.
Effortless Healthy Eating: Naturally adopt healthier eating habits without the struggle.
Regulated Appetite: Achieve a natural balance between hunger and fullness, ending the cycle of uncontrollable cravings.
Energy Surge: Feel a spike in energy and freshness as your body rejuvenates.
Embark on this cleansing journey and unlock these transformative benefits, leading to a healthier, more balanced you.

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Weight Loss testimonials

Our program’s effectiveness in facilitating weight loss is not just a claim—it’s a reality backed by tangible evidence. Participants have consistently experienced significant weight reduction, a testament to the efficacy of our approach. This success is measured not only in pounds shed but also in the sustainable lifestyle changes and improved health markers that accompany this weight loss. Our comprehensive approach ensures that weight loss is achieved in a healthy, balanced manner, contributing to overall well-being and long-term maintenance.

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  • Free access to our app during the cleaning period.
    Naturopathic support during the cleansing days.
    Two Zoom meetings.
    Access to our forum for support and inspiration.
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Our detoxification program, incorporating the renowned rice diet by Prof. Dean Ornish from the USA, has been validated through extensive research in both Israel and the United States. This diet is celebrated for its ability to reduce hypertension, clear arteriosclerosis, boost energy, facilitate weight loss, and decrease dependency on medications.

Over my years guiding participants through this diet, I’ve refined and enhanced the approach to include emotional and mental support strategies. These additions significantly bolster the healing process, leading to outcomes that surpass the original protocol’s expectations.

Each participant receives a personalized treatment plan, ensuring that the detoxification process is tailored to their specific needs. The cleansing diet is purely vegan, made up of whole unprocessed foods. It begins with gluten-free grains, gradually incorporating a variety of foods known to detoxify specific organs like the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract. Beyond cleansing, the diet aims to strengthen the immune system and support the body’s natural functions, paving the way for a healthier, more vibrant life.

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Blood Values testimonials

Hear directly from individuals who have experienced remarkable transformations through our program. Each story is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach in balancing blood values and improving overall health. These testimonials provide a glimpse into the real-life impacts of our dedicated efforts to enhance well-being. Join us as we celebrate the successes and breakthroughs of those who have embarked on this journey to better health.

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Real Stories of Recovery

Discover the powerful testimonials from individuals who have seen their symptoms disappear through our program. These stories of recovery and rejuvenation are not just inspiring; they are a testament to the effectiveness of our approach in restoring health and well-being. Each narrative offers a unique journey of overcoming challenges and embracing a symptom-free life. Join us as we celebrate these remarkable transformations.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any additional inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help!

Individuals 18 years and older are welcome to participate.

Absolutely! Just as a car requires regular servicing to maintain its condition, our regeneration process is designed to slow the body’s aging process and maintain your health.

Yes, it’s essential to inform your doctor. This detoxification diet has been proven to significantly balance blood pressure. Many patients on hypertension medications have been able to stop taking their drugs under medical supervision due to the positive results achieved during the cleanse.

Yes, the program includes specific adjustments for diabetics. Our application guides diabetic participants to a tailored protocol featuring barley with a low glycemic index, suitable for their needs.

The program is not suitable for pregnant women

Absolutely! The program is designed to fit seamlessly into your regular lifestyle. It includes quick recipes and ensures you feel full and energized, allowing you to undergo the cleansing process without disrupting your daily routine.

With our diet, you won’t feel hungry! Experiencing hunger can lead to counterproductive outcomes, so our program focuses on enjoyable, healthy eating that keeps hunger at bay.


Yes, you can maintain your sports routine. However, it’s advisable to reduce the intensity of your workouts during the first week of cleansing. As you progress, you can gradually increase the intensity. Many studies indicate that a balanced vegan diet, which our program is based on, can enhance sports performance and results.

Absolutely! The cleansing process helps balance hormones in the body, thereby increasing the chances of spontaneous pregnancy. Numerous women who have undertaken the cleansing  program with the goal of becoming pregnant have successfully achieved their dreams in a straightforward and effortless manner.

Further Proof of Our Process

Meet Our Dedicated Team


Karin Or – A Lifelong Journey in Holistic Healing With 24 years of dedicated practice in complementary medicine, I bring a rich tapestry of expertise as a naturopath, doula, and couples therapist specializing in physical psychotherapy. I am passionate about conducting cooking workshops, lecturing, and leading both theta healing workshops and women’s circles. My areas of specialty include gynecology and fertility, intestinal diseases, hypertension, heart diseases, skin diseases, diabetes, as well as providing treatment and support for cancer patients.

Dror Or – Committed to Comprehensive Care As a therapist with 19 years of experience in complementary medicine, I specialize as a physical psychotherapist, Reiki master, and leader of development and rehabilitation groups. My expertise lies in psycho-oncology, trauma treatment, emotional eating, and anxiety management. I am dedicated to addressing the intricate layers of each individual’s healing journey.

Our Holistic Philosophy We perceive each individual as a complex, interconnected whole. We believe that true healing cannot be achieved through isolated methods like medication or nutrition alone. That’s why our approach is comprehensive, addressing the body, mind, spirit, and consciousness.

Our Clinic: A Center for Transformation Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, our clinic is a convergence point for diverse individuals seeking to understand the root causes of their ailments and embrace the healing power of natural medicine. We extend our reach globally, offering support via phone and Skype to people all around the world.

Continuous Learning and Growth As therapists, we are committed to a path of continuous learning, constantly updating and enriching our knowledge and skills. This commitment ensures that we provide the most effective and up-to-date care possible, helping each individual on their unique journey to health and well-being.

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