Dror Or is an Israeli psychotherapist and multidisciplinary artist who grew up in a moshav in southern Israel.
As a child, he spent hours on the tops of the trees and in the fields and found, connectiing nature, the inspiration for his later works.

Dror’s works are a work of connection to the land of Israel, connection to ancient trees and a strong desire to give continuity and life to the trees that ended their lives after years and ages.

Dror loves the smell of the tree, to find the special shape of each and every branch, to look at the special paintings embedded on the trunk

Among his works can be found works in ancient trees in a 500-year-old olive tree that originates in the hills of Galilee and other trees.

“I believe that the trees continue to live even when they have finished their role in the tree cycle. The tree has wonderful energy. It connects us to nature. In modern times we move away from nature. It is important to put elements in the house that connect us to nature. About the environment in his presence.
Every tree brings the story it absorbed from the soil and the period in which it grew, so I am very excited to work with trees that grew in the Land of Israel, especially trees hundreds of years old, whose story is evident in their special form over the years.

I like to connect different raw materials that create flow, find the unique piece of wood for each piece, and most of my art is functional art, but I also enjoy exporting art that is a decorative and energetic art.

Dror presents his works in Judaica galleries in the world and here on the site.
It can be custom design – if you can imagine it he can create it.